Why Do Americans Buy Gun Safes For Themselves?

And They Left For China

During the 1990’s, a lot of the gun-safe companies did one thing, and that was to turn their eyes towards the Far East, in order to cut down on manufacturing costs. Today, about 75% of all gun safes are produced overseas, and that place is in China. What this shift did do is clear and that was to help improve the bottom line for those manufacturers. However, what it also did manage to do is evident, and that was to lessen the quality of what is now being offered on the market itself. Because, to be honest, in addition to cheaper manpower. There has also been cuts to cost in materials and also design.

Are American Gun Safes and Chinese Ones A Lot Alike or Different?

If you go glance at both types, you may not immediately think that they are different, but they are different. The differences aren’t something that is small either. They are quite evident. American made Gun Safes are of a far better quality than Chinese ones are. Please read on to learn why. You will be glad that you did.

The Quality of The Steel Itself

If you look at a gun safe, the quality of the steel is everything, and this is evident from the body of the safe itself to all of its interior parts. Steel is something that is everywhere and visible in a gun safe. A good amount of the steel that is used to design and build Chinese Gun Safes is steel that is 25% to 35% softer in detail than American Made Steel is in description.

If this much weaker steel is used to construct the body of the gun safe, the safe will become much more penetrable in state, and this will permit drills and other specialized tools to have easy access to make holes into it very easily. This very same principal will also apply to all other parts of the gun safe if it is made of mild steel. It definitely will not perform its functions under tough conditions and this is the main purpose that gun safes are created and made for.

Why Is Fireboard Crucial To Any Gun Safe?

Fireboard is a crucial and required element to a gun safe for a number of reasons. What are these reasons? Many of these reasons are associated with one thing and that is the latent danger of fire breaking out in a household or place of business. What gun safes do better than anything else is to prove fire insulation against any form of fire from entering the gun safe and burning up any of its content that was put inside there for security and protection.

Gun safes weren’t created just to secure guns in them. They also contain and hold other precious things as well. Some of these things do include important documents, memorabilia, and jewelry. Fireboard or drywall is a main element that is used in layers of gun safes to insulate it against fire. Chinese drywall is not something that is very reliable and is of low quality. It is also something that has been connected to health concerns and that isn’t a good thing at all. Fireboard that is American made is something that is of the very best quality and does contribute directly to a fire rating that is of the highest standard possible.

An Investment For Life or Not?

Should a gun safe be regarded as being an investment for life or not? The answers may vary to this question. However, the general consensus for many is this, if you are going to buy a gun safe you should only get one that you know will be reliable, strong, high quality, and there for you for as long as you need it to be. With this all said, one thing is apparent, and that is this. If you are going to invest in one, you should avoid the cheap ones, as they will only serve to have to be replaced later on. Don’t dare waste your time and money with the cheaper options. You should get a gun safe that is worth its weight in security and protection and what you pay for it.

What makes for the best handgun safe?

The answer to this is clear. It a handgun safe that isn’t only popular. It is also one that is every inch liked in every way by others who have bought it themselves. The best handgun safe is one that is clearly the best on all fronts and in every way.

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