How Many Ways Can A Chicken Really Be Cooked?

One of the most challenging of all questions that cooks do ask is “how to cook?” It is a question that often does challenge me to wonder just how many methods of cooking are there in number to be applied to only a single main ingredient. What needs to be tried is this with the ever popular chicken. Do take note of one fact and that is that every part of the chicken can be turned into some kind of dish. Have you ever heard that chicken feet can be served as a specialty?

The following list is in alphabetical order, and is made this way, in order to make additions to it later on. They are:

  1. Baking a chicken – There are countless recipes out there that involve baking a chicken. A whole chicken can be roasted or chicken pieces or breasts. Chicken pies are also another form of baking recipe for chicken.
  1. Blanche a chicken – A chicken can be placed into a pot of water for boiling before being prepared. It can also be placed into ice water. These are things that can come before the actual grilling of the chicken itself. When you blanche a chicken, it locks in the juices to the chicken, and the very water that is used for boiling the chicken can be used also for chicken stock.
  1. Boiling chicken – Boiling chicken can get you a nice soup to eat or it can get you something else. The something else is chicken shredding. Chicken shredding is all about chicken that is boiled before shredding and that can be served as garnishing for noodles soup dishes. When the chicken is boiled before the grilling process, it is something, which will shorten the cooking time of the chicken itself in the end.

What is double boiled chicken?

A chicken can also be double boiled. What does this mean? It means that a chicken can be cooked very slowly in a process than can take a few hours. The person who will be cooking the chicken this way must put the chicken into a pot, which is placed into another pot of boiling water, and the chicken is cooked using indirect heat as the cooking source. Why this cooking source is used is for one reason and that is to make sure there is a more even cooking present. It is a delicious kind of tasting chicken. However, you must be patient, because the end result is well worth the extra effort required here cooking wise.

  1. Braise chicken – Braise is very much like the stewing process. You just use liquid to cover any meats. These liquids can be water or dark soy sauce. Do let the chicken cook slowly in the liquid itself. Braise is a cooking process that is often used on tough chicken pieces such as the ayam kapong. Ayam kapong is tough free range chicken.
  1. Broil chicken – Broiling chicken is pretty much like grilling chicken in detail. It is a cooking process that does involve moistening the chicken pieces up with some gravy and placing them on to a baking pan. They are then permitted to cook for just a few minutes only. Grilled chicken is lovely, as well as, the perfect choice for either sandwiches or salads.
  1. Ferment chicken – Fermenting chicken is all about fermenting chicken and then baking it completely afterwards. It sounds every inch like a true specialty.
  1. Freeze chicken – Freeze chicken is a method of cooking chicken without the aid of any heat. This cooking process is something that is ideal for ice cream, sherberts, and yogurt. However, it is not highly advised, to go ahead and use it on chicken.
  1. Fry chicken – Frying chicken is a very popular way of cooking chicken. It is common cooking practice to use in Asia and is the subject of many delicious recipes for deep fried chicken. A kuali or wok is something that is best used when preparing deep fried chicken. Stir frying is another form of frying chicken. Best results here are also used with a wok. The reason is that the wok does make for cooking that is very quick and shallow type of frying on high heat.

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